How to avoid getting hit by a broadband outage

A broadband outage that leaves your phone or computer inoperable can be disastrous.For instance, the company AT&T suffered a massive outage on November 18 that caused more than 50,000 customers to lose power.A similar outage hit Comcast last week, which had some 4.5 million customers affected.But most of the country saw no outage at all.This […]

What’s next for Randy White?

Randy White, who has a concussion from a hit by Giants cornerback Rashard Robinson in the NFC Championship Game, is expected to miss the entire season after suffering a concussion Monday in the 49ers’ 37-17 loss to the Panthers.He will not be able to practice, play football or participate in team activities, according to a […]

How to get your job in the telecommunications industry

Labor Minister Stephen Conroy is promising a new era of deregulation in the industry with a raft of deregulation measures that he says will improve jobs, wages and access to services.Key points:Mr Conroy says he’s looking to make telecommunications more competitive, while other ministers are saying the industry needs to stay the sameAs the Federal […]

How to Start a Telecommunication Job in Perth

Perth, Australia, may be known for its thriving tech scene, but it also has a surprisingly high number of telecommunications jobs.Here’s what you need to know about them.The job market in Perth is relatively tight.In the city, the median annual salary for the job market is $56,000.This is compared to a median salary of $36,400 […]

What you need to know about the Government’s $9 billion broadband upgrade

Updated March 05, 2018 10:22:22The Federal Government’s new broadband infrastructure will be one of the largest ever in Australia and will provide an unprecedented boost to Australia’s telecommunications industry.Key points:The Government will spend $9.9 billion to upgrade Australia’s copper network to 4G and expand broadband coverage to nearly 100,000 householdsThe upgrades will include upgrading the […]

Why the US telecoms sic codes have a bad reputation

Telecommunication cable has been the most controversial and least widely used piece of technology for decades.And it’s still going strong, with consumers lining up at stores to purchase their favorite brand.Now, there are several different types of cables and devices that make up the most popular type of cable, the coaxial cable.These devices are typically […]

How to read the ‘netizens’ feedback on a book

A popular New York Times book has gone on sale in China with a review on its Chinese translation that said “the netizens” of the book “do not understand the concepts and the content.”The book, “The Netizens’ Feedback on a Book,” is translated by Cheng Hongjie, a Chinese scholar who has spent the last two […]

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