How to get a job in India’s tech sector

1.How to apply for a job: The online application is easy and takes less than five minutes.The interview process is simple, but it requires you to register on the company’s website.You will be asked to provide a resume, a portfolio of relevant experiences and relevant skills.The company will then send you a cover letter with […]

Google Inc. shares are up 5% in post-trade selloff

Google Inc.’s stock soared more than 5% after it posted a sharp fall in its quarterly earnings and its quarterly net profit.The tech giant posted a loss of $6.3 billion for the quarter, or $1.78 a share.It also said that its search engine Google Search Plus lost 9% in the period.Analysts had expected earnings of […]

How to get a job that you can be proud of

By getting the job done in the right way, you can become a better employee and be more successful.Here are six steps to getting the right job.1.Work from home2.Be proactive and be accountable to your team3.Be flexible in how you work and interact4.Have a sense of humour and not be afraid to say “I can’t […]

How to turn a phone into a camera and the other way around

Telecommunication means “the power to communicate, the power to move things”, and so it’s been the subject of fascination for centuries.But how does it actually work?Here are five ways to make your own telecommunication, and get started.1.A pocket camera A pocket-sized camera like this from The Pocket Camera Company is designed for travel, but the […]

How to write a book about a new technology

A new technology has come to the world of social media.And while the Internet of Things (IoT) and blockchain may not seem like a big deal in terms of our lives right now, they are just a few years in the future.So how do you get your book written about it?Here’s how to do it.A […]

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