How to be a smart, smart, tech-savvy millennial

The internet is alive and kicking and people are having a lot of fun.But the millennial generation is also having a hard time connecting with other millennials.And that’s why they’re getting a lot more cynical and cynical about the way things are going.In fact, some millennials are saying they are actually less than a decade […]

How we built a $10bn wireless network for rural Australians

Here are some of the things we learned about how our $10 billion wireless network in the Murray-Darling Basin was built.Key points:The NBN is a high-speed broadband network that connects all Australians, not just people in regional areas.It was built with $10.7bn in federal funds and $2.2bn from the state and territory GovernmentsSource: NBN Co […]

How to turn a farmer’s telephone into a telecommunication business

A farm can become a telecommuter business for some farmers by becoming a telecommunications cooperative, said Robert Knepper, president and CEO of the Rural Business Owners Association.Knepper was speaking at a breakfast hosted by the American Farm Bureau Federation.The Farm Bureau is sponsoring the breakfast.KNEPER: I think that’s one of the most important things for […]

How to improve your cellular coverage in the U.S.

The U.N. has approved a new set of guidelines for improving cellphone coverage, but there are some key issues that still need to be worked out before the guidelines go into effect.The U, says there’s still a lot of uncertainty about how much coverage a given mobile service provider can provide, how much noise it […]

How to improve your voice and video calls

You may have heard that you can’t use a phone app to listen to your voicemail or text messages while at work.The company that created the feature, Ringtone, recently announced that it will soon be introducing an update to its mobile voice and text-to-call service, RingPlay.But RingPlay, as it’s known, is only available in India […]

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