How to buy the best mobile phone for your needs

The key to choosing the right phone is to look at how it works and what you want from it, a new report has found.Mobile phone manufacturers are increasingly offering “cameras that are more like computers” and offer “a much bigger screen, higher resolution, faster performance and cheaper”.It’s a trend that has already been seen […]

What is ‘granite’?

By Lauren B. Scott, CNN contributor The phrase ‘granites’ is the name of the kind of crystal crystal that is used in high-end watches, but the term comes from the fact that quartz crystals are also used to make crystal jewelry. If you look closely at the picture below, you’ll notice that the crystal is made […]

‘This is how we keep our country safe’: KLM says it won’t be hiring ‘sadistic killers’ as its apprenticeship programme becomes a ‘virtual reality’ for those looking for work

KTMA bosses have warned that job applicants who claim they are suffering from post traumatic stress disorder and are seeking help for mental health problems are being ignored.The UK’s biggest carrier has been hit by a backlash following a survey revealing that up to 60 per cent of the passengers in its fleet are struggling […]

How to save your telecoms bill

A list of telecoms providers and their service rates.Telecoms providers are the backbone of the Indian economy.They help people communicate with one another, run businesses and deliver basic services like phone, TV and internet.They’re also at the centre of the ongoing debate over the proposed “Internet Tax” which would make Internet service a taxable service.While […]

When you want to hire a telecommunications master for your business, look no further

By now, you have heard about the job opportunities available for telecommunications masters graduates, but how can you make sure your candidate has the qualifications you’re looking for?The key is to know your candidate’s training and qualifications, and how you’re going to assess your candidates’ qualifications and performance.We know from experience that candidates who have […]

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