Why I’m Not Going to Go to CES, But I’m Going to Watch Netflix on Television

It’s been a rough few weeks for Netflix and its customers in the US, but Netflix CEO Reed Hastings is still bullish on the streaming giant.

The streaming giant just announced it will open two new streaming services to compete with Netflix.

The new service, dubbed Streamline, will allow users to access and record content from their mobile devices, and the next, Streamline+, will be a standalone product for users to use to watch streaming video from their connected TVs.

Netflix says its first Streamline service will launch this summer, and that it’s planning to bring the new service to more US markets.

Hastings said the company is also launching a new streaming app in the coming weeks.

“This will be the largest, fastest and most powerful streaming service ever created.

It will be 100% free and offer an unprecedented range of content for streaming,” Hastings said in a statement.

“Streamline will offer more than a billion hours of video to more than 250 million users, and will be fully open to the world.”

Hastings said Streamline is “the most powerful new service Netflix has ever launched,” and that its creators are “working day and night” to bring it to other countries.

“We’re very excited to launch Streamline in the United States, the fastest-growing region for video,” Hastings added.

Netflix is hoping Streamline will serve as a catalyst for other countries to launch their own streaming services, which Hastings says will allow them to “transform the way people watch and consume entertainment.”

Netflix plans to open its first new streaming service, Streamlines, to the public in the fall.

The company said it will also expand its services in the next few weeks, launching a standalone service that will allow its subscribers to stream to their TVs via their smartphones.

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