Which new tech jobs are the most likely to go away?

A report released Thursday shows that, in the first six months of this year, nearly 3,300 jobs are going to be lost in the next four years.

The report, by a coalition of tech firms, lays out how they plan to make sure their workforces remain attractive.

The jobs lost, which represent about 3% of the total, are concentrated in tech and information technology and include things like software engineers, sales reps, and support staff.

“We’re going to get rid of the sales rep in a second,” says one of the report’s authors, Alex Ozer, a senior director at tech consulting firm Gartner.

“That’s the new job.

It’s not a sales rep anymore.

It’ll be a server operator.”

The jobs that remain are likely to be replaced by software developers, software architects, and data scientists.

And while many of these jobs are expected to remain, Ozer warns that they will be harder to replace, as they are more specialized and often have specific skills.

For instance, he says, “Sales reps don’t do business development.

That’s something that’s different.”

For the past decade, tech companies have spent billions of dollars hiring workers to develop new products and services.

These hires have generally been highly skilled, but they have also tended to be white and male.

The data compiled by Gartners suggests that this may be changing.

The study, which looks at trends in job market participation, job growth, and retention among all workers, shows that the median age of tech workers is now 36, while the median pay of tech employees is $61,000.

In addition, more than 40% of those hired for tech jobs in 2015 had at least a bachelor’s degree.

“In the next two to three years, the tech workforce will be a more diverse workforce,” says Ozer.

“It’ll be more diverse in terms of demographics, gender, and sexual orientation.

It will be more in-depth.”

In addition to the white, male workers, the study notes that there are also many minorities among the tech workers, with a median age at their jobs of 24 and a median salary of $28,000, well below the national average of $69,000 for the same job category.

And the report notes that this year is set to be the first year in which the majority of the tech jobs will be held by people who are Black or Hispanic.

As the industry continues to embrace technologies that are increasingly connected to people’s lives, the future of many tech jobs is being increasingly closely watched.

For example, Oster says that more and more technology companies are focusing on ways to integrate data into their apps, in ways that help users find places to park, to manage their health, and to plan for weather and other events.

“The biggest thing for me is that I want to be able to see data from my car and my house,” he says.

The report also notes that while technology companies have seen strong growth in the number of workers they hire and the amount of money they spend on employee retention, the industry is not yet capturing the full value of its employees. “

I want to see that data that I’m driving around in a car and that’s in the cloud.”

The report also notes that while technology companies have seen strong growth in the number of workers they hire and the amount of money they spend on employee retention, the industry is not yet capturing the full value of its employees.

The biggest employer of new employees is the government, and that is a problem.

“This is where we see the biggest opportunity in the data revolution,” says Alex Pappas, a Gartens associate vice president at the Center for Digital Business at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

“People are not leaving their jobs and going to work for us.

They are working for us because they want to do something that they can do for themselves.

But the data they are providing us isn’t necessarily the value that they are looking for.”

The new report, which has been available since last summer, draws on the work of two companies that are both based in San Francisco: Uber and Lyft.

The companies were created to bring job mobility to cities and the suburbs, and Uber, for instance, has used the technology to help drivers get to and from their jobs.

But Lyft has made a bigger impact in the city, and its drivers are becoming increasingly important to the companies’ business.

Uber, meanwhile, is a taxi company, and it is looking to use its fleet to get drivers and passengers from point A to point B. In the past, it has had a hard time convincing drivers that their jobs were valuable.

In fact, Uber’s drivers make about 40% less than other drivers in the Bay Area, according to the San Francisco Taxi Workers Alliance.

But that’s changing.

A survey conducted by the Taxi Workers Union of San Francisco, conducted in January, found that drivers are increasingly willing to share their earnings with the company, even if that means paying more to drivers

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