What you need to know about the AT&T and Verizon merger

AT&T, Verizon and other major telecommunications companies are in the midst of an aggressive consolidation drive.

The combined companies are aiming to expand their reach and market share while reducing costs.

AT&T and Time Warner are both looking to take their telecom business to the next level.

They are planning to merge their two most important businesses, Time Warner and AT&t, with a combined entity called AT&C.

The merged company is supposed to be a media company that focuses on the cable and telecommunications businesses.

But some analysts think that’s not enough.

They say the combined company will have more clout in those markets.

AT&Ts deal with some of the largest cable companies in the country, including Comcast, Time-Warner and DirecTV.

The deal would allow the combined companies to offer much better customer service than the cable companies.

Time Warner already offers internet services to many people in the US, but it doesn’t offer any television programming.

It also offers internet to some of its subscribers.

Verizon has also said it wants to bring more broadband to the US and is considering acquiring Directv and Comcast.

Verizon’s acquisition of Directs TV network would be part of a larger deal to acquire the remaining 25% of Direcs network.

The other big merger in the works is a $50 billion deal between AT&s T-Mobile and Sprint.

AT &TS is buying T-Mo for $52.5 billion.

AT’s deal is the most aggressive merger ever.

It would give AT&ts control of two of the four largest carriers in the U.S. It’s also expected to give AT <&amp=T more bargaining power.

The companies would merge to form a single company with roughly 10 times the combined market share of T-mobile and Sprint and about 15 times the market share for Verizon.

The merger is expected to be completed by the end of 2020.

Verizon, Time and AT are trying to expand the amount of content they offer.

They’re looking to make more money by selling advertising.

But consumers aren’t happy with this.

They want more choices, more options and more choices.

Time Warner has said it doesn`t want to merge with AT< &amp=&ampgt; Time Warner.

AT and Time have been pushing for consolidation.

AT executives say they want to be able to offer more channels, more video and more apps and services than T-man and Time.

The combined company also has said that its services would be more efficient.

It says it can deliver more video on the web and less video on mobile devices.

The consolidation effort has helped AT&tt;T make a lot of money.

It`s seen as a great business opportunity.

The company recently said it expects to sell $1.5 trillion worth of wireless and broadband services during the next three years.

AT shares were up $1 in premarket trading Wednesday.

ATs stock price is up about 13% this year, while Time Warner`s is up nearly 6%.

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