Why Italy should join the ‘telecoms union’

Telecoms unions are growing in popularity in Italy, but their growing influence is a major reason why the country should join one, according to an industry analyst.

A survey of 600 senior executives of the major telecoms companies by Telefonica International, the European Union’s largest telecoms operator, suggests that more than a third of Italians support the idea of joining a telecommunication union.

The survey, conducted by pollster IPSOS Mori, found that 76% of respondents think it would be better to join a telecoms organisation, while only 26% think it is a bad idea.

The majority (61%) of respondents believe it would not be a bad thing if there was a union, while just 28% said it would.

“The number of members in a telecoms union is growing in Italy.

It has been growing since 2009 and is set to double in 2020,” said Pietro Lombardi, the executive director of IPSOS.”

It is a sign that the sector is getting a bit of a boost from the government and that a new industry is emerging,” he added.

The telecommunications union is set up by Italy’s two main political parties to bring together the industry’s most powerful players.

It is based on the same principles as the trade unions in the EU, and can negotiate contracts with telecoms operators.

However, it is more powerful and more independent, and has greater bargaining power.

The two main parties have so far resisted calls to join the union, saying that it would mean sacrificing consumer protections and a strong voice for the industry.

But the opinion poll indicates that the majority of Italians are in favour of joining the union.

“Telecoms is a sector that is very important to the Italian economy and its jobs are at stake,” said Francesco Borra, the general secretary of the association of Italian telecommunications companies.

“And I think that this is the time that we should act,” he said.

“We need to find a solution in order to make sure that the new generation of mobile phones will work, that the internet will work and that consumers can have access to the internet,” Borra added.

A similar survey conducted by Commerzbank and the Italian Institute of Technology (IIT) last year also suggested that Italians were in favour to join one of the telecommunication unions.

The IIT survey showed that 72% of Italian citizens thought it was a good idea, while 32% said that it was not.

The majority of respondents (56%) thought the unions should have the power to negotiate contracts and that it should be up to the telcos to negotiate on their behalf.

In addition, 76% thought that it is better for the telecommunications sector to join with a larger company rather than with one of its smaller players, and 66% said they believed it would benefit the industry more.

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