How to keep a phone conversation on hold while your driver is driving

An employee at the MTN telecommunication firm in Dubai told NBC News he was instructed to use a phone call system while driving on the Dubai roads because the company does not want drivers to use it while the driver is using their mobile phone.

A driver with a mobile phone and a phone in his hands is able to use the system to contact his passengers, who then relay the call to the driver.

The driver can call up a colleague for help in the event of a problem with his phone.

The call must be made using the MTNFs voice call system, which the company has built in Dubai.

The system works by using a receiver located in the passenger seat, with a phone that is placed on the floor near the driver’s seat.

The phone is turned on by a device that can detect when the phone is placed near the front of the car.

A remote controller on the front bumper and the back of the passenger vehicle controls the phone, the car, and the radio system, according to the MTNCA website.

A call can be made via a text message, voicemail, a voicemail that the driver sends to his or her partner and a voice message that is sent to the passenger by the driver, according a MTNCB video.

The MTNCAs website says that the MTNNP phone system was developed to protect drivers from potential hazards in their vehicles while they are using their phones, but that it can also be used by police and emergency services, as well as by drivers to contact family members and friends.

In the video, the driver says that while driving, his phone could be turned on while he is driving to ensure that it does not get in the way of his job, as the MTnnP system can only function during normal driving conditions.

However, the MTnm is designed to only function when the MTPNs signal is weak or the signal is blocked by other devices in the car or on the road.

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