When you think telecommunication: What you need to know

With a new law expected to be passed within days, the government is preparing to launch a massive program to ensure Australians have access to the internet when and where they want it.

It is expected that this new program will allow Australians to receive internet access when and wherever they want to without needing to be connected to a wired connection, and without having to pay for an expensive bundle of expensive mobile services.

“It will give Australians more control over their internet experience,” NBN Co’s chief information officer, Mark Williams, said.

“If you’re at home, you can have a full internet experience at home.

It’s not like you have to go to the office to have a data connection, it’s like you can go anywhere, if you want.”

While this new scheme is set to be launched in 2018, it has been in the making for a number of years.

The Coalition government is seeking to boost the number of Australians able to access the internet with a program it is calling the National Broadband Network.

The government hopes to build a massive network of fibre optic cable across Australia that would stretch from the Sunshine Coast to the west coast, and be able to provide access to Australians in remote parts of the country.

But the project is already being delayed due to the cost of the new network, and has been the subject of significant public debate.

Mr Williams says the government has been working on the program for some time.

“The government has made a commitment to give Australians the choice to get their broadband at home and access it on the internet,” he said.

“We know that’s a very popular choice.”

What you need now: NBN Co is offering the same services in the Northern Territory as it does in the rest of Australia, but it has added a new regional area.

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