EU rules could affect internet access in Britain

EU rules for net neutrality are coming into effect in Britain, leaving many of the country’s broadband providers unable to deliver content or other services that customers want.

Net neutrality rules require Internet Service Providers to treat all traffic equally, regardless of whether it’s coming from the same or different service provider.

That could mean that if a service provider wants to charge a premium for faster speeds to customers, it would be able to do so.

But in the case of Facebook, which also has a presence in Britain’s biggest cities, it could open the door to blocking or throttling services that don’t meet its standards.

Some European nations, including Belgium and Spain, have already begun testing the effects of net neutrality rules in the U.K.

But in a move that could have a big impact on businesses and consumers, the European Commission on Thursday announced that it would enforce net neutrality on the Internet.

The commission, which is headed by former telecoms chief Neelie Kroes, announced that the rules would apply to all Internet service providers, even those that are not owned by Facebook, Twitter or other companies.

The rules will apply to everything from Internet access to video streaming, video chat, mobile data and online shopping, the commission said.

For example, if a company wants to make a video streaming video application available to users who don’t use its own mobile app, that company would have to get permission from Facebook or other Internet companies to make the video application, the rules say.

And if a video provider wants its video app to appear on the Web for users who use its mobile app but not the Web version of its app, it must get permission.

Facebook has a network of more than 40 million users in Britain.

The company has its headquarters in London and has a European office in Amsterdam.

In its press release, Facebook said it was testing the new rules.

Facebook said it plans to use the new EU rules to “ensure that the new Internet governance framework, including net neutrality, is applied fairly and effectively.”

The U.S. is also trying to set a similar standard in the wake of the Paris attacks that killed 130 people and injured hundreds more.

In a speech at the University of Texas at Austin last week, President Donald Trump said he wants to “stop this madness.”

Trump has also suggested that he may have to consider repealing the FCC’s net neutrality rule.

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