What you need to know about the $1 billion deal to give Google the power to build the next iPhone and iPad

Google announced on Tuesday that it is buying Samsung for $1.4 billion.

We know Google wants to build its own devices, and the company has already demonstrated its ability to build some of its own hardware.

But the deal would give Google control over the Samsung smartphones and tablets that make up the company’s smartphone portfolio.

Samsung’s Android smartphones have become a key source of revenue for the tech giant.

The smartphone maker is responsible for about 70% of the smartphone market in the U.S., with about one in four smartphones running Google’s Android operating system.

Samsung’s phones are widely used by some of the most prominent tech firms in the world, including Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and Apple.

But Samsung has also had trouble winning smartphone sales.

The company has struggled to stay competitive in the smartphone space since it entered the smartphone business in 2008.

Samsung launched the Galaxy Note II, the Galaxy S II, and later the Galaxy Tab.

The company introduced its Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet in 2015 and the Galaxy Nexus in 2018.

A report from Bloomberg Businessweek reported last month that Samsung had sold more than 3 million Galaxy Note devices since its introduction in 2008, but that Samsung has only sold 1 million smartphones since then.

This is a big deal for Samsung.

Google has been trying to create a new brand for the Android platform since Google acquired Motorola in 2011.

The acquisition was intended to bring Google’s own smartphone product lineup closer to Apple’s iPhone lineup, and it didn’t work out that way.

Google’s mobile platform has seen rapid growth since then, but the company hasn’t had a smartphone as popular as the Galaxy brand, which is the flagship of Google’s smartphone lineup.

Google announced the deal on Tuesday, and Bloomberg BusinessWeek reports that Samsung’s new smartphone will be called the Galaxy X. Google also said that it has reached an agreement with Samsung for “up to $1,000 per phone per month,” which means that each phone Samsung sells will cost $99.99.

The cost of the Galaxy phones will be covered by Google’s insurance and tax credits, and Google’s share of the profit will be split between the two companies.

Analysts had expected Samsung to take a loss on the deal, which will make the two entities’ combined revenue and earnings even smaller.

But with the sale of Google, Samsung is getting some help from Google’s largest competitor, Apple.

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