Which companies have the best stock picks for 2018?

The world is getting more connected, but that doesn’t mean the technology has moved on from a point where the only devices we had to use were phones and tablets.

Now that smartphones and tablets are ubiquitous, we’re seeing companies build products that combine all the different types of computing in our lives, which is where the “big data” comes in.

Companies like Google, Apple, Facebook, and Amazon have been making billions of dollars off the idea of building apps that use all the data that is happening in the world, which has allowed them to be a huge player in the big data space.

While the stock market is dominated by tech giants, there are also a few smaller players that are making their names with their apps and services.

Below are our picks for the best stocks to buy in 2018, and be sure to check out our best stocks list for everything else we cover at MarketWatch.

The tech giant Google and its search engine, Google, have been on a tear over the past year.

Google’s stock rose almost 400% this year and has more than tripled its market cap since it hit $100 billion in 2014.

With Google now the largest search engine on the planet, the company has become a force to be reckoned with in the tech world, and its stock price has more or less stayed there.

The company’s stock price is also up significantly over the last couple of years.

This has been thanks to Google’s acquisition of YouTube, its search and video app, which now has more users than YouTube.

YouTube has also made a ton of money since the company bought it.

With YouTube, Google has become an important player in online video advertising, and that is something it will continue to do for a long time.

With its billions of monthly users, it has become one of the biggest platforms in the video world.

Apple is also a very important player.

Its stock has been on an incredible run, up more than 50% in the past 12 months.

Apple has become the largest technology company in the United States, and has been the primary source of income for many companies.

Apple also recently announced a massive $1.5 billion investment in its research lab at Carnegie Mellon University.

Apple will likely continue to dominate in this area of the technology world, because it has a huge amount of money to spend on research.

It also has a lot of employees.

Apple’s stock has more money invested in the area of artificial intelligence, and it has made a lot more money for itself.

Apple still has a ways to go before it can be considered a tech company of the future, but it is making tremendous strides right now.

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