The NBN could be the cheapest, most flexible network ever created

The National Broadband Network (NBN) is not a finished article.

A review of the project, conducted by NBN Co, reveals the company is not yet well prepared to manage a network of its own.

The company has not yet laid down a contract for the next phase of the network, which is expected to be completed by 2020.

It has not even identified a common fibre network.

The review found there are still many gaps in NBN Co’s infrastructure and that NBN Co has a number of areas to address.

The project is currently being funded by the federal government’s capital budget.

“NBN Co has identified a number different areas that it is working on to make it a more reliable and efficient network,” said the report.

“These are some of the most challenging areas to work on.”

The report said that the company has identified more than a dozen issues that it has identified to date and is working to address them.

The network will need to be connected to existing copper or fibre network to achieve these speeds. “

It has not determined whether the next network can deliver the same speeds, reliability, and speeds as the current network,” it said.

The network will need to be connected to existing copper or fibre network to achieve these speeds.

“The lack of an existing network is likely to be a major constraint on NBN Co,” the report said.

“As part of its review of NBN Co for the first phase, NBN Co undertook an internal investigation and identified significant challenges in NBN’s ability to deliver the network as currently planned.”

These challenges are not expected to significantly impact the project’s cost or deliverables.

“This is despite NBN Co not having a fibre-to-the-node (FTTN) network in place at the moment.”

The report found there were many gaps on the NBN in terms of the technology and infrastructure it has been built on.

“There are areas where NBN Co does not have a clear understanding of the issues and the current state of its IT infrastructure,” the review said.

“A significant number of the challenges identified are likely to require additional work to address and the company does not currently have the necessary capability to deliver this work.”

The NBN is also facing a number challenges in its deployment.

It is not clear whether it is able to keep up with demand or the NBN Co is not well prepared.

“Some of these challenges have already been identified by NBNCo,” the committee said.

The review said the company had “not identified a single fibre network” for the project.

“This means NBN Co will need a fibre footprint that is both large enough and flexible enough to provide the best possible experience for its customers,” it added.

The NBN Co report is available here.


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