How to avoid a data breach and keep your data safe

Three months after BlueCube Wireless reported a data loss, the company is facing another hack.

This time, the breach was at the cellular provider’s network.

The theft could have exposed the names, addresses and credit card information of tens of millions of subscribers. Read more  The hack is part of a growing trend, according to security experts.

While data breaches are a fact of life for many companies, it is not unheard of for a carrier to have data breaches that affect tens of thousands of customers.

BlueCube is not the only carrier to be hit by cyber attacks this year.

AT&T was hit with a data security breach last October, and the other major carrier, Verizon, suffered another hack in June.

This one may be more severe. 

Security firm Trend Micro says there are “about 5,000” data breaches in the world each year.

The number is likely an underestimate because it doesn’t take into account the total number of breaches.

It is still up to carriers to investigate all the breaches. 

BlueCube Wireless was one of the first to report a data leak in the United States.

In October, it reported a “data breach” involving customers.

A security researcher discovered the breach and notified BlueCube.

Bluecube notified the FBI. 

A month later, the FBI asked BlueCube to assist them in investigating the attack. 

The bureau told the carrier it was investigating a hack into its network that affected more than 20,000 customers.

The hackers stole personal information and passwords from the BlueCube database.

They also obtained credit card and mobile data. 

FBI officials said the breach could have impacted about 100,000 subscribers.

The company also said that “an unknown hacker gained access to our network.” 

Bluecube Wireless said it has notified customers and its customers have been provided the opportunity to report the breach.

It also has started a “digital vulnerability awareness” campaign to educate its customers.

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