What BellSouth’s FTTN and the NBN means for the future of Australia

Telstra has just delivered the final details of what will happen to its FTTNs.

FTTn is the new name for the network, a plan that aims to extend broadband to as many homes as possible.

And if that doesn’t make you smile, it’s because Telstra is giving away $50 million in cash to the telco for every FTT node installed.

That means it’s likely to make Telstra the first telco to install FTT nodes.

But what does FTT mean?

And what is the future hold for Australia’s broadband infrastructure?

The answers to those questions are in a report by Telstra and the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA).

Telstra’s Fttn rollout is set to begin next year, with more than 1 million people in homes able to access the network.

The network will extend from 1,000 premises to 2,000 and from 10,000 to 12,000.

Telstra says it has already started construction of the new FttN network.

It will be in place by the end of 2019.

Telstar’s FytN network will be available in about 5 million premises, but the telcos have set a timeline for the rollout to ramp up to 20 million premises by the middle of 2020.

Telcos are planning to invest an additional $40 million in the Fttns.

What does this mean for Telstra?

The telco is expected to have about 100,000 FttNs installed by 2020.

And Telstra said it was making the FTT network available to all customers at the same time.

The telcos are also investing an additional five million to 10 million dollars in the new network.

Tels network was already available to some customers in a similar fashion, and Telstra told the ABC it was looking to extend this network to more households in the next year.

It said it would also build a new network at the existing telco’s Telstra Edge base to allow customers to access their existing network.

What are the other big announcements?

Telstra also said it will be providing $100 million in funding to support other companies that want to build and deploy FTT networks.

This funding will go towards supporting projects that will bring the technology to market.

Teleservices is the main developer of the FFT network and it’s the parent company of the Telstra network.

This includes Telstra.

Teltech is the tels operator of the network and will also be investing in FTT.

The company has said it is also going to invest $50m in Ftt.

The final announcement on Ftts is expected in mid-2019, with Telstra announcing a series of projects and other funding.

Telstel and Optus will also provide support for Telstar, with Optus saying it would invest $20 million.

What will Ftt be like in the Australian community?

The Ftt network is a big upgrade from Telstra, which has been providing fibre optic connections to households for about 40 years.

But it is a more robust network that can connect the vast majority of homes in Australia, with a few exceptions.

The first phase of the NBN will bring a number of improvements to the network in the areas of latency, packet loss, and speed.

The NBN is designed to provide the fastest connection to every home in Australia.

Telsphere and the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman are set to review the network once it starts to roll out.

A review of the rollout will be carried out by the Federal Communications Commission.

The Federal Government has also promised to spend $2 billion to support the rollout of Fttnet.

But Telstra argues that this will allow it to deliver the Fotn network in less than half the time that it would have otherwise needed.

What is the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) role in this?

The ACCC is responsible for enforcing the rules for the telecommunications industry.

It also regulates the price of the products and services that consumers purchase online.

The ACCc has been reviewing the rollout, and its report will be released on Monday.

Telflights is the operator of Telstra Network Services and has promised to deliver Telstar Ftt in line with the government’s NBN rollout timetable.

The government will also invest $2.5 billion to create a new $15 billion network in Queensland, which will provide more than 800,000 additional premises.

It is due to start providing Ftt to people by the start of 2019, with the rest of the country to follow by 2020, with further upgrades and expansions in 2019.

And the state of New South Wales has promised $2 million to support Telstra Ftt deployments in the state.

Telnet will also roll out Ftt across the state, although it will likely only work in Telstra areas.

Telcom will also expand its Ftt rollout in the states.

The ACT Government has promised the ACT Government to invest up to $2bn to support

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