What’s happening in China and Japan in 2018?

Chinese telecommunications regulators are tightening controls to make sure that Chinese mobile operators do not undermine the country’s telecom network.That includes requiring foreign telecoms to provide mobile services at a reasonable price to the Chinese market.The Communications Commission of China has announced new rules to ensure that the market for mobile services will be fair […]

How to avoid getting hit by a broadband outage

A broadband outage that leaves your phone or computer inoperable can be disastrous.For instance, the company AT&T suffered a massive outage on November 18 that caused more than 50,000 customers to lose power.A similar outage hit Comcast last week, which had some 4.5 million customers affected.But most of the country saw no outage at all.This […]

How to get a job in India’s tech sector

1.How to apply for a job: The online application is easy and takes less than five minutes.The interview process is simple, but it requires you to register on the company’s website.You will be asked to provide a resume, a portfolio of relevant experiences and relevant skills.The company will then send you a cover letter with […]

What’s next for Randy White?

Randy White, who has a concussion from a hit by Giants cornerback Rashard Robinson in the NFC Championship Game, is expected to miss the entire season after suffering a concussion Monday in the 49ers’ 37-17 loss to the Panthers.He will not be able to practice, play football or participate in team activities, according to a […]

How to get your NFL team’s logo removed on Twitter

The NFL’s official Twitter account has posted a video of the logo being taken down.It is unclear what the purpose of the change is.A post on the NFL’s website says, “we do not like to see logos that are not of the highest quality.We do not approve of inappropriate or offensive logos.”The NFL has previously […]

How to stop a data breach at a cellular provider

By Jennifer PritchardThe latest in the fight to prevent a data security breach at cellular carriers has seen the company Sprint, AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and T-Mac all introduce legislation to help prevent a breach.The proposed legislation is aimed at preventing a data theft in the event of a data hack or data breach in the […]

How to get your job in the telecommunications industry

Labor Minister Stephen Conroy is promising a new era of deregulation in the industry with a raft of deregulation measures that he says will improve jobs, wages and access to services.Key points:Mr Conroy says he’s looking to make telecommunications more competitive, while other ministers are saying the industry needs to stay the sameAs the Federal […]

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